Metal Double Jacketed Gasket

Metal Double Jacketed Gasket

Metal Double Jacketed Gasket is made from graphite , ceramic, non-asbestos etc. filler covered with thin metal jacket, such as stainless steel , soft iron,carbon steel, copper etc. By their sealing efficiently, provide outstanding resilience, while the metal jacket guarantees excellent sealing and protects the filler against pressure conditions , fluctuating temperatures and corrosion.Metal Jacketed Gasket is particularly suitable for sealing flat surfaces of heat exchanges, gas pipes , cast iron flanges , cylinder heads of engines as well as for boilers and other vessels.By their sealing efficiently, provided by exerting strong pressure on circular rimes of the flanges, metal-jacketed gaskets can stand up to 30% deviation from the initial thickness, which is very useful in case of irregular or faulty flange rims. The chemical compatibility of the metal and the medium being sealed should be considered.

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Product Description

Metal Double Jacketed Gasket

The semi-metallic gasket joint is an economical sealing option where sealing faces are narrow, this type of gasket makes it a good option for heat exchanger jointing. The metal jacket provides good gasket stability and blow-out resistance. Selecting the right type of metal will provide a suitable resistance to a wide range of chemical media.

Welded Construction

Gaskets with bar configurations are securely welded into the ring by our experienced engineers. The media is retained by the primary seal at the inner diameter of the gasket. The primary seal therefore maintains its function and provides a seal of higher integrity.

One-Piece construction

Gaskets are fabricated from a single sheet of material.

Pass bar partitions are fabricated in one piece construction where they intersect with the outside ring and where bars intersect or change direction within the ring. Should leakage occur, the media would flow along the length of the pass bar arrangements and then flow to the outer diameter and retention is maintained by the secondary seal.



Metal Jacketed Gasket Normal Shapes

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